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January 2019
Adonis has been chipped.
February 2018
February. Snowy.
January 2018
The days are short, the shadows are long.
27th of november 2017
It's cold
22th of november 2017
17th of october 2017
Aurora has got passport.
10th of october 2017
22th of september 2017
Our horses become darker before winter
3th of september 2017
The beginning of autumn
5th of August 2017
21th of july 2017
12th of july 2017
Aurora is one month.
9TH OF JULY 2017
Sanny, a three years old stallion, after rain. Clean as ever..
2th of july 2017
Aurora is 3 weeks old
21th of June 2017
18th of June 2017
Aurora is 6 days old..
12th of june 2017
We've got a newborn today. Aurora. She is four hours old on these pictures..
4th of June 2017
Trinity in Russia
4th of June 2017
May. From the stables we've moved to the fields...
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